Group Ride Policy

Group Ride Policy :

Joining, Participating & After Ride

  1. Regular group rides are posted by GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders during the day/week.
  2. Do read the daily ride plan shared in the official telegram group  mark your presence accordingly.
  3. If unable to join please inform GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders in advance.
  4. Please respect time of the fellow co-riders and join ride on time, GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders & co-riders will not wait for you if you are delayed and its up to you to catch up on the same route.
  5. Please carry below ride essentials mandatorily to all the GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders.
    1. Helmet (Mandatory)
    2. Safety Lights: Front, Tail, Helmet Lights& Reflectors (Mandatory for Early Morning\Night Rides)
    3. Enough Hydration& Food / Energy Gels (depending on total time for ride)
    4. Bike Lock (if destination requires)
    5. Spare Tube & Pump (Good to have always)
    6. Some Extra Cash (Good to have always)
    7. Mask / Face Covers (Mandatory)
  6. Share ride with picture (highlight of the day) via Strava ride share link in Whatsapp group.
  7. Share / tag group rides only (not individual rides) on official socialmedia channels.
  8. Bulk share of photos taken by / for the team should be done via Google Album only. GNWCC has created a Google Photo Album and have given access to all for this purpose. If you are missing access, please connect with Admins one to one.
  9. Appreciate (Give Kudos) on individual rides on Strava. Refrain from starting threads in WhatsApp Group on individual ride links.
  10. Share / appreciate cycling and other fitness related achievements to keep group motivated.
  11. COVID 19 Essentials: Please wear a mask, follow social distancing and follow all guidelines issued by competent government authorities for COVID 19.

Disclaimer : 

By Joining any Group Rides / events organized by GNWCC, you agree to below.

  1. I am voluntarily participating group ride / event organized by GNWCC with knowledge of the hazards involved and accept all risk of injury, inconvenience harm, loss or death.
  2. I understand that there are risks inherent with bike riding on public streets and highways, where many hazards exist.
  3. I am physically capable of participating in the event and the equipment I will use will be in proper working conditions.
  4. I acknowledge that I, and I alone, am solely responsible for my personal health and safety, and the personal property I bring with me.
  5. I agree that it is my sole responsibility to be familiar with the course for this event.
  6. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the ride / event that may be beyond the immediate control of the ride / event official or organizers.
  7. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the entities or persons from GNWCC, its constituents, and its assigned associates, from any and all claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of any of my action during this event.
  8. I acknowledge that GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders will try to support all the riders but certain circumstances on some ride may be tough for GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders too and it may happen that I will not have any support from GNWCC Managements or Ride Leaders and may have to ride alone.
  9. I will not be using or sharing pictures or videos of GNWCC group ride anywhere else in public domain (like newspaper etc.) other than GNWCC's official social media channels (below) without GNWCC Admin's consent.