GNWCC Association

GNWCC being a registered entity has its defined set of policies. If you agree to the policies, you can be our proud member.

Benefits of Membership:

1. We offer subsidized club jersey to registered members.
2. Entry to any of the Association event either at free or subsidized entry fee.
3. We also conduct quarterly cyclingrunning challenges and reward the best performers.
4. Man of the Match is awarded to best performer, no matter team wins or lose the cricket match.
5. Personality of the year award is given to the best and constant performers throughout the year.
6. Whenever association calls for a foodie ride or any meeting expense is taken care by association.
7. We call for annual general meeting where members are invited to give their input or advice.
8. Every year we include new members into association advisory who have full right and responsibility for taking the association to a new height.

Note: Benefits are subjected to revise and upgrade.

Membership Eligibility:

1. All registration is followed by filling up the online form which you can find on the next page.
2. The name GNWCC could not be used by any member for personal benefit. Use of name on any merchandise without the consent of the club's core committee could led to legal action.
3. Posting of any content not related to sports/health/fitness is not allowed on GNWCC social platform (Facebook/Instagram/   Twitter/WhatsApp/Telegram)
4. If you think that any promotional message is worth sharing. Please contact any admin, they will post the message on your behalf.

Cessation and Removal of Membership:
Any person cannot be member of GNWCC

1. On his/her death
2. On his/her resignation in writing and acceptance of the same by the club president.
3. On his/her being mentally disabled or incapacitated into contractual obligation.
4. On his/her failure to pay the subscription within the due period.

5. Any person whose activities are considered detrimental to the interests of the association can be removed from the membership of the GNWCC by a decision of core Committee.

Members shall abide by the Rules and Regulations set out and stated by Core Management of the GNWCC Association. Any member failing to adhere to the rules shall have their membership reviewed by the core committee and may have their membership terminated without delay. All decisions are final.