Question - Hello! I want to join GNWCC. Please add me to your group.
Hello! We will add you but before adding you, we would like to tell you something about us.

GNWCC Association is a registered sports association with its primary vision to promote fitness and sports throughout the Nation. We recognize and reward associated members and motivate everyone to include any physical activity in their day-to-day life for a healthy lifestyle. We are also working on getting collaborated with several national and international sports associations.

OUR VISION:  We are a sports association. Our management team is working at PAN India to promote sports by organizing several events at local and national level. Our vision is to provide a common platform to every small and big team or clubs where they can grow more and showcase their true potential. We recognize the performance and achievement of the association members throughout the year and reward them to keep their motivation high and encourage others to adopt sports in their day today life to stay fit and healthy and create a healthy environment.

As of now we have three clubs within the association: Cycling Club, Cricket Club and Badminton Club. So, when you ask us for adding, we would like to know which club you want to get added to. Secondly, you want to get added to any club’s whatsapp group or you wanted to be member of the association.

Getting added to any club’s(Cycling/Cricket/Badminton) whatsapp group:

  • There is no joining or membership fee.
  • You Just need to follow some basic rules of the club like respecting the other group members, avoid posting anything which is not relevant to that group objective.
  • No advertisement or brand promotion.
  • You are free post your ride and fitness related stuffs to motivate fellow group members.
  • Follow steps by clicking "Register For Whatsapp Group Only (Non-Member)" to complete registration process.

Joining GNWCC Association:

  • You can join as a Sponsor
  • You can join as a Team/Club
  • You can join as an Individual Member

For joining as a Sponsor or Team Club you need to contact any member of core team and they would assist you.

For joining as an Individual member, there is membership fee of INR 512 (* Subjected to change based on management decision).

Question: Why should I go for Association Membership?

We would like to clear that it is association which organizes any event locally or at PAN India level. It is association which offers following benefits to our registered members:

  1. We offer subsidized club jersey to registered members.
  2. Entry to any of the Association event either at free or subsidized entry fee.
  3. We also conduct quarterly cycling/running challenges and reward the best performers.
  4. Man of the Match is awarded to best performer, no matter team wins or loses the cricket match.
  5. Personality of the year award is given to the best and constant performers throughout the year.
  6. Whenever association calls for a foodie ride or any meeting expense is taken care by association.
  7. We call for annual general meeting where members are invited to give their input or advice.
  8. Every year we include new members into association advisory who have full right and responsibility for taking the association to a new height.

Note: We leave the decision on the individual if he/she want to be member of the association of just wanted to be the part of whatsapp group.

GNWCC Association Membership Register For Whatsapp Group Only(Non-Member)