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I have found it really hard to understand why the word ‘Saddle’ is used in a bicycle. No word which has  anything related to ‘SAD’ can be used to describe  any element or part of a bike as the only thing it has given to me or the really passionate and wonderful people that I

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I wanted to share a small part of my story with cycling and hope that the community would welcome this small tidbit of my life. I am a refugee living in India, my life hasn’t been particularly easy, but yet it has been better than most, I got to experience many things, try so many

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If you have not read my earlier post, it would be a good idea to read that first. This research is purely from my budget and requirement perspective and may not suit anyone else looking for a (road) bike. Please do look for more information according to your budget and needs, available over various cycling channels etc.

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If you have not read my earlier post, it would be a good idea to read that first. Since my previous blog, a lot has happened in the world but one thing which has impacted all of us in one way or another is COVID19, let me start with that. COVID19 Break: I was fortunate

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On 1st March, GNWCC members participated in the event organised by Point Out Dialogue. Cycle Ride was being organised from Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Cycle Ride was followed by Panel discussion in which Ministers, Sports person, Sports leaders participated.

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Who am I: My name is Prakash Ranjan, I work for an IT company for a CPG client as a Technical Architect. I was in Kolkata until July 2019 and have moved to NCR (Greater Noida West) in August 2019. Why I chose cycling: Although I am not obese / thin, I am not athletic

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1. Buy your Bike from a Local Shop 2. Get comfortable on your Bike 3. Learn how to fix a puncture 4. Invest in few key pieces of kit 5. Join a cycling club 6. Don’t put up with Saddle discomfort 7. The gears are there to help you 8. Be confident on the Road

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Date: 3-Jan-2020 Year 2020 has come and we are all set to make it more exciting and exploring untouched areas. We are riding and working for better cycling experience to all fellow riders. A lot more is coming in 2020, so be in touch for more updates.